Can Our Teeth Determine if We Should Eat Meat?

Can Our Teeth Determine if We Should Eat Meat
Theorists say that the human teeth were designed for eating flesh due to their hardness and structure. The canines, which are barely longer than the other teeth, they claim, is for tearing the meat. This is a theoretical system that has been used for many centuries to support the habit of eating flesh (meat). They have used the design of the teeth to verify what is food… for the human body.
This theory cannot be presented as a qualified system of validation for food. Such determination has to be measured by the conduciveness or non-conduciveness of what we eat in relationship to our biology. Flesh is non-conducive, it does not have an affinity with the human biology, it cannot be broken down by the digestive system, it creates mucus and it is also poisonous to the body.
Using the design of the teeth to determine what should be eaten also provides inconsistent results. For example, by this theory, a gorilla should be a meat eater because they have very strong teeth and long canines, but they are not. Gorillas are vegetarians, with the exception of rarely eating certain small insects.
It is illogical to make the claim that because we can chew and tear flesh it means it should be eaten. By that theory, someone can also make the claim that paper (for example) is food. Humans cannot compare their teeth to that of an animal. The long canines of certain animals are used as weapons (to defend) or tools for killing their prey. These animals attack with their mouth, something that humans wouldn’t be able to do effectively. The long teeth of these animals are used to puncture the throat of their prey and are not just for tearing meat.
These theorists could have easily said that the hardness of the teeth is for eating foods such as nuts, grains, apples, etc. Theories are often created to support ones objectives. For people who enjoys eating flesh and wants to continue will adapt this old and very inconsistent belief, but it still doesn’t make it valid.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Not because you are able to chew it doesn’t mean you should be eating it.

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