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Crystal Salt Deodorant

The Better Choices For Deodorants

The commercialized deodorants that are mostly found at your local convenient stores are very toxic to the body. The ingredients used to make these deodorants are unnatural and very unhealthy. Most of them also stains the skin and clothes and are hard to remove. When you apply something like this to your skin, it is […]

Melatonin Pills

Common Uses of Melatonin in the Medical Industry

Stimulate your body’s production of Melatonin by getting direct Sunlight and eating healthy instead of taking artificial substitutes.Below is a list of some of the common areas that Melatonin is being used as remedy by the global medical industry. Aging AIDS Alzheimer’s disease Antibody Response Antioxidant Blood Pressure Brain function Cancer Cholesterol Circadian Cycles Contraceptive […]

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