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No Booze for the Healthy, Neither for the Strong

No Booze for the Healthy, Neither for the Strong

The drinking of alcoholic beverages is an act of weakness that is perceived as an act of strength. The first attempt to inflict this deception is by labeling alcoholic beverages as “strong drinks”. Given this notion, psychologically, we would obviously think that such drink is only for the strong, those who have the potential to […]

Food Industry’s Weapons of Distraction

The Food Industry’s Weapons of Distraction

Distraction is the mother and father of deception. Distraction is a strategy used to divert ones attention from real points of interest to things of less importance. The food industry creates distraction for us every day by inventing terms and labels that are not of great importance to conceal that which are. The distraction being […]

Nasty Ingredients in Food

Extremely Nasty Ingredients in Food

You Will be Surprised by What They Are Actually Feeding You UrineUrine is used in food products that many of us consume daily. Beaver urine (castoreum) is in food products such as vanilla and other products including perfumes, cigarettes and medical drugs.Insects for Food DyesThe Cochineal insects are commonly used to make red food dyes. […]

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