Charging the Body and Electrocuting Parasites

Charging the Body and Electrocuting Parasites

Figuratively speaking, if you should look inside my body, you will see a sign that reads, DO NOT ENTER, HIGH VOLTAGE.

It was left there a long time ago by parasites, moments before they ran away. That sign is put there for their peers to see, to let them know, it is no longer safe to live in this body, DANGEROUS.

They said, “Let’s go hang out with the fast-food guys instead; they have always treated us kindly”.

I didn’t pour any chemicals in my body, absolutely not. I poured electricity, real swiftly, by way of my electric-diet. Now, I am fully electrified, equipped to electrocute parasites… exactly the way I should.

They said, "Don’t go over there, stay in the safe zone, in the body of the starch eaters is our home.” Parasites may be dumb, but they know where to build their castles.

Each cell in the body carries an electric charge. Parasites (virus, bacteria, etc.) inhabit the body by targeting cells that are weak, those with an inferior charge. These are cells that lack the ability to fight back; not enough electricity to electrocute. And so… the enemy dominates at ease.

Diseases, such as cancer are low-frequency entities; they can only survive in the human body by feeding on cells that are likewise of lower frequency (electricity).

The human body is an electronic device. This doesn’t mean that it is compatible with man-made electricity. Of course not, our source of electricity comes by way of consuming natural vegetation, which donates electrolytes to our body.

You plug your man-made devices in an electric socket to charge its cells so that it is able to function. Well, our food (including direct Sunlight) is our electric socket.

Yep, inside my body is like high noon on a Sunny day, I’m lit… I glow. My power source is excellent, A+.
Using dead flesh and starch to charge your cells is much like trying to run an entire city on a car battery, it won’t work.

It only lowers the frequency of your body; making it safe for parasites to reside… they will build mansions in you.

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