Choosing the Right Path… Using Numbers

Choosing the Right Path Using Numbers

An individual cannot comfortably strive in excellence in what they were not born to do. You cannot deviate from the natural path that was assigned to you and expect the same levels of greatness as you would obliging to your life’s calling. When you are in conformity with your natural frequency, you are at an advantage; it is where you access your talents and true potentials.

When we adhere to what we were born to do in our professions, it makes our job less stressful; it also increases the chances of us becoming more successful.

The average person today doesn’t choose their career paths based on their intuitive attraction to their field of study. They instead tend to choose from the list of common and generic professions that are influenced by the dictates of society.

One of the sciences our ancestor used to determine someone’s frequency is through the study of numbers. It is not a secret that you can accurately describe someone’s characteristics by just knowing the year, month and day they were born. You don’t have to guess whether this is superstition or not, all you have to do is study the science and prove it for yourself.

There are quite a few people out there that are very superstitious with the science of numbers, avoid them. One of the most qualified numerologists currently available is none other than LLoyd Strayhorn. He wrote the book, "Numbers and You", a very powerful book that everyone should have a copy of and study. It will help you in many ways; get it to use as a guide to help decide the path of you and your love ones future. 

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