Choosing the Right Toys for Children

Choosing the Right Toys for Children

What someone does as a child sets the stage for how they will function as an adult. If you want to produce geniuses, then give your children educational toys to play with. Toys such as cars, trucks and other materialistic models are designed to starve the intellectual creativity within a child. Give your children productive toys to play with, toys that will stimulate their minds and enhance their mental growth. The standards that most parents follow do not offer any reward to their children. Still yet, due to the strength of western society, they believe that they are depriving their children if they do not adhere to these vain standards.

When toys are educational, it makes learning fun; and therefore, a child will grow up with the understanding that learning is fun. And any child, who is committed to this, will be the one who will achieve beyond all expectations. If parents fail to instill this influence within their children, they will perceive learning as a type of punishment, or at least something undesirable. Therefore, this will discourage them from obtaining higher knowledge.

Our culture needs more doctors, scientists, mathematicians, architects, legal representatives, etc. Not just people who love cars, fashion, and have a great desire for vanity in general. We do not want any more people who take pride in being the consumer, instead of being the producer.

The mentality of someone feeling like they are nothing without materialistic possessions stems from a seed that was planted in them as a child. Adults who define their success and happiness through materialistic possessions are those who have been corrupted since they were children.

This standard has to be changed; we have to be more strategic in our approach. We must brainwash our children with purity and substance. Give them toys to play with that will make them fall in love with mathematics, science, agriculture, politics (not in the stereotypical sense), etc. Give them educational fun tools to play with such as puzzle games, geometric shapes, counting games, etc.

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