Comparing Waters: Their Costs and Quality

Comparing Waters: Their Costs and Quality

You don’t necessarily have to pay a lot for good water. Some of the less expensive brands are just as good, and in some cases, better. We have conducted some testing of our own that we would like to share with you.

It is always good to test the quality of your water before drinking it because it is necessary to do so.

Devices for testing
Each and every one of us needs to start practicing the habit of becoming our own scientist. Here is a very nice place to start. Everyone should have the following two pieces of gadgets in their house.

They are devices that allow you to reasonably test the quality of your water for yourselves. Always practice knowing for yourselves whenever you can, as opposed to depending on others… relying on TRUST (a disease).

These two devices include a simple PH (Potential of Hydrogen) tester and an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) tester. Both or very similar; however, while a PH tester only tells you if your water is alkaline or acidic, an ORP tester tells you about the chances of your water creating oxidation (biological rust) within your body.

Without further delay, let’s go to the test results. You can always do your research to learn more about these devices.

Comparing different water brands and cost
Fiji is a much-respected brand, in terms of the quality of their water; therefore, we will use their water as a point of reference. We want to find out how the other common and less expensive brands match-up to theirs.

Testing guide: PH of 7 and above is alkaline; the lower the ORP value, the better.

Fiji: PH = 7.7 | ORP = 111. Case of 24 (16.9-ounce), cost is between $29.50 and $37.00.
Crystal Geyser: PH = 8.2 | ORP = 104. Case of 35 (16.9-ounce), cost is roughly between $5.00 and $18.00.
Poland Spring: PH = 6.9 | ORP = 114. Case of 24 (16.9-ounce), cost is roughly between $4.00 and $5.00.
Deer Park: PH = 6.8 | ORP = 123. Case of 24 (16.9-ounce), cost is roughly between $4.00 and $23.00.

Crystal Geyser is the best option according to these tests. I have personally bought this for as little as $3.00 for the case of 24.

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