Constipation: Common Cause and Remedy

Constipation: Common Cause and Remedy

Constipation is caused by various reasons; the less common and more technical ones are due to problems that occur with the organs of the digestive system. The most common and less technical cause, which we will be addressing at this time, is due to poor dietary practices.

By making certain observations about your food externally will give you an idea of what will happen internally once you consume it. Anyone who has ever prepared a meal using products such as white rice or white flour before will notice that they create a much harder texture than that of natural grains. And if you do manage to burn them you will also notice that they are almost impossible to remove from the cooking container (pot or pan) they are in. This is not the same for natural grains, they are much easier to remove and dissolve.

Eating these types of unnatural foods is like eating cement. They enter the body and do the same as what’s demonstrated externally; they form a very thick and hardened paste that cannot be dissolved easily by the body. As it builds up it becomes harder for the body to excrete, because, not only is it very solid it is also very heavy, and this makes it even more difficult to transport or move freely through the intestines.

The easiest foods to digest are fruits and vegetables; they are generally also the most suitable forms of food for the body. They are made up of mostly liquid, which is what the body extracts and uses from the food we eat, and they leave very little trash (feces) to excrete after digestion. The leftover trash from these foods is the easiest to excrete, they do not cause constipation.

Remedies for constipation include:
Drinking a lot of water, especially warm water is always recommended. This is necessary because water not only helps to remove the stool from the walls of our intestine but water is generally good for penetrating anything and breaking it apart. Furthermore, white rice and white flour do not contain sufficient water and they also dehydrate the body. So, the need for water in this regard serves many purposes.

Frequent exercise is recommended because heat will help to dissolve the hardened stool. The movement from the exercise will help to force movement of the stool and also cause the lymphatic system to circulate more water throughout the body, including the intestines.
Eating a lot of fiber, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. These fibers will fuse with the hardened stool in the intestine and help to break it up which then makes it easier for the body to excrete. One of the most effective fruit to relief the body of constipation is Prunes.

Other remedies include: lemon or lime water, castor oil, raisins, ginger and cayenne pepper.

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