Creamy, Milk-less Diabetes Killer Smoothie

Diabetes Killer Smoothie

A glass of this every day should surely lead you back to your youth. If not that… How about last-place in the age race?

I never realized how creamy avocados really are. I was almost finished with my smoothie before realizing that I had forgotten to add my milk (hemp seeds). It was good, hardly noticed a difference in the creaminess.

 Allow me to share with you, one of my personal and extremely potent smoothies that I have been drinking lately, for about a month or more.

When it comes to diabetes, especially type 2, chromium and vanadium are two of the best friends you should always have. Why? Because they regulate your blood’s glucose levels; plus, vanadium helps the body to recognize and use insulin.

Type 2 diabetes can be summed up as, an overabundance of glucose in the blood, and/or the body’s rejection of insulin. Did you know that over 27 million Americans have diabetes, and over 86 million have prediabetes? It is really that serious, yet unsurprising.

Now back to the chromium and vanadium. The combination of the following plants/herbs provides an excellent source of these minerals; romaine lettuce, sea moss, dill weed and string beans. And all of them are in this smoothie, most certainly.

It doesn’t stop there. If you are talking about diabetes, you have to address the liver, not just the pancreas (insulin). The liver is what produces glucose, from the food we eat, while insulin regulates it. A dysfunctional liver doesn’t know when to stop producing glucose; therefore we must address the health of the liver.

All the previous plants we mentioned do this, but dandelion is a powerhouse in detoxifying the liver. Outside of the context of this smoothie… a combination of dandelion and milk thistle are supreme in this department.

Whenever I make my smoothie, I always reach in my cupboard for two primary ingredients (capsules), dandelion and yellow dock. You read it correctly; I put capsules in my smoothies, all the time. Yellow dock is an excellent source of iron, and we don’t think we need to explain the overwhelming benefits of iron, its a lot.

This smoothie is also excellent for people with sickle cell anemia.

Copper works with iron, for optimal health of your red blood cells. Avocado is an excellent source for copper and other necessary minerals such as potassium and B vitamins.

Link to the diabetes killer smoothie

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