Credential Game: Is He A Real Doctor?

Credential Game: Is He A Real Doctor?

“You are not a real doctor.” A statement we have heard many times before, even by those among us.

Titles, are they really that important? Having a title doesn’t guarantee truth or accuracy, but only an implication of worthiness.

Let me save you the time; I will tell you what is important. MAKING SENSE; in the end, that is what’s really important.

Imagine, questioning someone’s credentials instead of paying attention to what they have to say… and try to make sense of it. The only question you should be asking is, “Does it make sense?” Who cares if he or she is a “real doctor”?

Titles are very good to have, but as an audience, you should be more concerned about whether or not the information is tangible and applicable to your life, in ways that provide the necessary rewards.

You asked about a title as if; not being a “real doctor” will prevent someone from making sense? If you really have to wait on a title in order to make sense; then, I guess you will be drowning in your own ignorance.

Remove the noose from around your throat, free yourselves; you have been trained to trust. This is why you have greater respect for titles, as opposed to the information being delivered.

The concern about titles: this is the game many of you like; it is the card you play. The one you use in the attempt to discredit someone whenever they are saying something you dislike; and often… cannot disprove.

By your definition of a real doctor, Dr. Sebi wouldn’t be considered as one, he wouldn’t be qualified. But I dare any of you to compare your so-called “real doctors” to his work.

The acknowledgment of someone’s title is a reasonable place to start. However, in the end, it shouldn’t be about “WHO said it”. Rather, it should be about “WHAT was said”.

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