The Critique After the Crisis (Fall)

The Critique After the Crisis (Fall)

Why do they wait for you to fall, before they feel it’s the appropriate time to advise you? Why do they always have an opinion AFTER-THE-FACT, and never before?

They will criticize you… but never have an advice until they see a decline in your progression, at the point when it’s too late. If you want to know who is truly there for you, look for the ones who show up before, not those who show up after with an opinion about what you should have done.

When you love someone, you let them know if they are doing something that will lead to great consequences. You just don’t watch them fall, so that you can talk about it after. They wait for problems to occur, and then they say… “This is what he or she did wrong.”

Most of them don’t offer advice ahead of time because they have no real interest in your progress or wellbeing. Furthermore, their hearts are too filled with envy, jealousy, and ego for them to ever be constructive and productive in their critique of others. Most of their critiques are only a disguise to secretly compete and discredit you.

These are people who find comfort in your downfall, which serves as an opportunity for them to capitalize on, to gather more audience, and ultimately, more profit.

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