The Dark Light of Our Supreme Creator of All

The Dark Light of Our Supreme Creator of All

The same force of corruption that teaches people to only acknowledge our Creator as being a man, without a female counterpart, has done similar injustice to light. They have taught us to acknowledge only one of the two defining aspects of light and to ignore or condemn the other.

There are 365 days of the year and every one of them is divided into two halves to reflect the two phases of light. There is a nightlight (nighttime) and a daylight (daytime), darkness and brightness; each is as significant as the other. The idea that the night or darkness is symbolic of evil is not in accordance with nature, it is merely misguided human perception. Nature did not design the night for us to be afraid of it or to condemn. It was created for us to sleep so that our body can heal and rejuvenate. At night while we sleep our body undergoes a partial rebirth to renew itself. Whenever this natural obligation is avoided, life is substantially affected, adversely.

The ability of the eyes to open and close also defines the two phases of light. If darkness was unnecessary then the eyes would be unable to close.  The primary purpose of the eyelids is to control the eye’s exposure to light. The eyelids weren’t really designed for the purpose of protection. If that was the primary purpose then they would have been made from a more protective material, like a hard shell.

Nature understands that there is a time of the day that the eyes must be exposed to bright-light and a time when bright-light must be restricted from entering the eyes so that the body can sleep and ultimately reborn at the end of each rest. While most of us like to condemn darkness, we forget that our life was conceived in darkness, like all other living beings. Us humans were given life and nurtured in the darkness of our mother’s womb. And so, we have to always return to that state of darkness, every night, to continue life. We do not see the day as light and the night as darkness. Rather, we see the day as bright-light and the night as dark-light.

When light is projected (meaning the rays of light is being dispersed from its source) it creates the appearance of brightness or bright-light, like that which is displayed by our Sun. When that same light is absorbed and not projected, it creates the appearance of darkness, blackness or dark-light. The pure blackness of space that we look up into at night, that covers our entire universe, is light contained within itself. That is the dark Universal womb in which everything in existence lives. The bright-light is an offspring of the dark-light, darkness is the creator of all, in and before the beginning was darkness. This offers a logical reason why life is conceived in darkness before getting exposed any other forms of light.

Though the light coming from our Sun appears bright it is actually projecting darkness. We are covered in this sea of darkness known as Space, or as the Kemetic Africans called it, the “Waters of Nu”. Between us and Space is our Sun, and its job is simply to extract the dark-light from Space (the light bank) and scatter (project) it unto earth. Day and night doesn’t oppose each other, they are the same, but are only displayed differently.

You may ask…how do we know that it is dark-light that our Sun is projecting? We know this because once you absorb the rays of Sunlight and unite them it creates the appearance of darkness.

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