Debates: Are they Good or Bad?

Debates: Are they Good or Bad?

Debates are a necessity for the development of the analytical mind. The only problem that may come about when debating lies within the means in which it is carried out.

I personally love to debate because it forces me to overcome any potential biases that I might have. We all have biases that tend to place dangerous limitations on our ability to think in higher dimensions.

Biases are a horrendous disease that creates a prison for the mind. Most people thought process does not allow them to think properly because they are afraid to accept anything that is outside of their circle of comfort. This vain protection of selfishness is what creates limited thinking, which is the root of many downfalls. It is a mental disease that constrains people’s mind into only seeing things from an angle that is beneficial to them or suits their political interests.

When you train yourself to only look in one direction, it hinders you from seeing the potential threats coming from the other sides. Debates or having someone to challenge our thinking helps us to see things from different perspectives, which is the cure for this disease. Ultimately, it broadens our understandings and diversifies our thinking beyond a one-dimensional realm or prison.

Whenever I am not debating, I am watching debates, because I always want to hear the talking points that stand opposing to mine.

When we say debate, we are not talking about a forceful challenge. Whereby, someone is going to take an opposing view just for the sake of their ego. No, we are talking about a civilized discussion that doesn’t necessarily involve winning or losing. It should serve primarily as a stimulant for deeper thinking.

The common problem that many people make when debating is that they make it about the individual as opposed to the topic. Example: they like to apply their victory on a specific subject matter as an absolute victory over the inclusive intelligence of the individual. This egotism prevents growth.

One of my personal greatest advantages when debating is that I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong about something. I don’t debate to win; I debate to make sense. Secondly, I don’t debate people; I debate subject matters that are perceived from another perspective other than my own. I debate to test the strength of my own beliefs; I use debates as a tool to destroy my weaknesses… and the same should apply to you.

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