Denial VS. Fate

Denial VS. Fate

When we talk about pain and the different types of horrendous sicknesses, people cringe. They just cannot bear to think about it. They avoid such topics as if it was a wildfire burning out of control.

It is not just them, all of us fear this reality; if not for ourselves, we fear it for our loved ones. Ironically, while people are terrified of these potential consequences, they yet continue to practice the culture that gives birth to them.

There are many people who rather live their lives in denial. They like to do one thing while expecting an opposite result for their actions. Denial is much like a false friend that tells you everything is OK while it watches you thrust steady fast towards your own decline.

While we may be able to avoid truth coming from others, no way will any of us be able to avoid the fate we create for ourselves. Can none of us outrun our fate; it always catches up to us. Take heed and conform to what’s right because fate always wins. This narrow path will one day create a bed of comfort for you to lie gracefully in.

Life doesn’t allow any of us to reap the benefits of the seed we didn’t sow. They say… “If you want good, you must do good.”

We understand that it is not always easy, but through patience and perseverance, you will always be victorious.

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