Desperation and Dependency Create Demons

Desperation and Dependency Creates Demons

The more dependent someone is, the easier they are to control. A dependent person is a desperate person, one who is, in most cases, willing to do anything for survival.

While many contend that wealth corrupts people, we forget that poverty, desperation or state of dependency may just be an even greater demon. It is much easier to make someone in poverty do something against their will than it is to make someone who is wealthy or someone in less needy positions.

Desperation is a very vicious disease; we all need to work hard to escape this state of dependency. Let no one discourage you from working a “9 to 5” if you have to. Do whatever is necessary to become self-sustainable, once it doesn’t violate any moral ethics.

Either we encourage people to go out and become independent (self-sustainable) or allow them to become dependent and desperate. One day, that state of desperation may just force them to become the traitor to you or someone you love. They may even become that person who is paid to corrupt the minds of your children and community.

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