Does Constant Eating Affects Brain Power?

The Brain
An individual’s potential brain power is determined by the amount of oxygen that gets to the brain. Oxygen is transported to the brain by way of the blood, through the circulatory system. The human body uses blood to execute all bodily functions. This explains the necessity for proper blood flow throughout the body.
The impact that digestion has on our brain power was sometimes hinted to us but rarely explained. Where you ever told in school to not eat just before taking your tests? If so, did you ever wonder why this was advised?
Whenever we eat the body goes through a process of digestion. In order for this function to take place the body has to concentrate large quantities of blood to the stomach and intestine. Though blood still remains in all areas of the body majority of it is concentrated to this one specific area which marginalizes the amount needed in other areas, including the brain. This how the process of digestion creates limitations for our brain power, by restricting the amount of blood flowing to it.
Though it is advised to not eat just before any intense mental activity, you also do not want your brain to be undernourished. Make sure that your diet prior to the mental activity is substantial. Give your body enough time (at least 3 to 4 hours) to digest its food before engaging in any intense mental activity. Consuming foods that are high in iron is highly recommended. Iron is a very powerful mineral that is very effective in bringing oxygen to the brain.

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