Does Food Really Generate Electricity?

Does Food Really Generate Electricity?

Claiming that food generates electricity is not a myth or an exaggeration of a partial truth, it is an absolute fact. The initiative behind all manmade electronic devices/technology was inspired and copied from Nature. Electricity is the primary source of energy that allows all life forms to function. From this understanding, solar powered technology was also created due to the fact of knowing that our Sun is the primary source of this energy that electrifies our entire planet.

Humans, plants, animals, etc. are all electronic devices. Our source of power is electricity; the fundamental difference between us and manmade electronic devices is that our only acceptable source of energy comes from Sunlight instead of artificial means.

As opposed to plugging our body into an electric outlet to charge, which would be impractical and dangerous, we instead charge it by consuming electricity (electrocytes) through the ingestion of electric foods (adapted from Dr. Sebi’s teachings). The human body also obtains electricity by direct Sunlight absorption through our skin and eyes.

There is a simple and very common experiment you can use to get a better understanding of how your food generates electricity in the body. Firstly, you are going to need a multimeter for this exercise, along with a zinc-coated nail, a copper wire or coin and a lime or lemon (or maybe another fruit). Pierce the fruit with the nail on one side and the copper wire or coin on the other. Next, turn the dial of the multimeter to 20 millivolts and then place the black wire on the zinc nail and the red on the copper wire or coin. This should generate a reading that confirms the flow of electricity. Electricity is generated in this instant by way of electrons in the fruit moving from the negatively charged zinc nail to the positively charged copper wire or coin.

You can find many examples of this experiment online. It is a very simple experiment, yet it validates a very important point; something that most fail to acknowledge or promote openly.

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