Are You Domesticating Your Children?

Are You Domesticating Your Children

Who we are and how we are supposed to live is written in our essence, it is determined by the laws of nature. The need for us to figure out the rules we are supposed to live by or what we have to consume as food to survive came as a result of us deviating from nature and disrupting the natural connection we have with it. Every living being in nature has instructions that are programmed innately into their consciousness that guides them accordingly. This is why no one has to tell the animals what to eat or how to behave, they automatically know.

Our opinion or freewill is the factor that disrupts our connection with nature. Any being that is left alone and not influenced by anyone’s opinion will find their connection to nature and will become obedient to it.

The disruption of nature and natural law is a part of our everyday reality, and it profoundly exists in our homes. Mostly among parents who are interfering with their children’s connection and obedience to nature. Many of us have seen this and we shouldn’t it. You notice that most children growing up naturally gravitate towards eating fresh fruits and vegetables as their preferred choice of food. They remain this way until their parents decided to interrupt this natural course of nature by feeding them things that are unnatural.

A young child is more in tuned with nature than an adult. A child’s body is new; it doesn’t have the same levels of impurity and distraction as an adult that will interfere with its connection with nature. As a result, how a child behaves or whatever it craves is more likely in alignment with the natural laws of nature. If parents should decide to not feed their children impurities such as dairy and flesh, and allow the child to decide what he/she wants to eat, that child is going to ask for natural fruits and vegetables. This is simply because the child is adhering to the natural order that is dictated by nature. It is asking for what nature says it’s supposed to be consuming as food.

When children grow up loving meat, like we do (or once did) it is because they have been domesticated, like we have. We have to admit it, this standard western diet that most of us consume was not chosen by nature, it was chosen by people’s opinion (so-called medical experts). It could have never been chosen by nature due to the mere fact that it was not produced by nature or be found in nature. For example, can anyone find white rice growing wild in nature? No, because it is not natural, therefore, this negates any attempt to pass white rice of as actual food for the body.

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