Dr. Sebi: Metaphor for the Magnificent

Dr. Sebi: Metaphor for the Magnificent

How long shall we complain about what we do not have while failing to make use of what we do have at our disposal?

We have an audience, whether big or small, we all do… therefore; we have the power to shape culture.

The only thing that is missing is the WILL to elevate that which is significant to our natural state of being.

History always reserves a day for its heroes, as a symbol and a means to preserve the greatness that is related to them. The honoring of the individual is greater than the individual, it is about the principle they represented.

The individual is only a metaphor for the idea. The honoring of the individual is only a reminder, a representation of something that should never be forgotten.

We emphasize the honoring of the great Dr. Sebi to freeze in time, a culture that he had presented to us, one that we just cannot allow to disintegrate.

The world is not ruled by the most advanced or the most intellectually superior, it is ruled by those with passion. Those who are willing to commit themselves on what they believe is beneficial to their culture and being.

You need not the approval of anyone to create your own culture.

We propose that every November 26 (his birthday), should be recognized as SEBI’S DAY among all who are grateful for the contribution of Dr. Sebi.

We should recognize it, and give it the same respect and acknowledgment as any other day of celebration.  How we celebrate may be different among each other, but the important thing is that we acknowledge it.

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