(Dr.) SEBI’S DAY: Greatness MUST be Preserved

(Dr.) SEBI’S DAY: Greatness MUST be Preserved

What makes cultures great is the ability to freeze greatness, preserve it, and not allowing it to fade with time. If we allow the memories of those who have significantly contributed to our development to fade, so shall the values they stood on. If we allow these necessary principles to fade, it will absolutely stagnate our growth. We have seen many heroes come and go among us; some more impactful than others. They all deserve to be acknowledged in the capacity that is justified according to their work. Dr. Sebi was more than just another leader; he has shifted the direction of the entire planet from an inevitable path of absolute destruction to one of hope.

Before any of us even think to open our mouths to decipher how his life ended and why… let the conversation first be about – how do we preserve his legacy, to reserve a prosperous future for us all. The work of any individual is greater than the individual themselves, it is our work and methods that either adds value or deduct value from us.

Dr. Sebi is a metaphor, a symbol of a revolutionary change that will forever fuel our ability to endure. When we praise Dr. Sebi, it goes beyond just the flesh; it is an endeavor to amplify the awareness of an idea that is proven to be most rewarding. It is an idea that assures health, the most important component of life.

Most of the claimed heroes of recent history were not proposed by Indigenous people. And they will never be an inspiration to us nor our future generations. We need our own heroes, to motivate, inspire, and awaken the greatness within all of us. These are the fundamental principles that all great cultures live by. They enforce the concept of only embracing that which is beneficial to them, innately.

This is why it is so important for us to take the initiative to define our culture based on the beneficial factors that have been proposed and proven to be successful according to our needs. This is also why the legacy of Dr. Sebi must be preserved as a tradition that emphasizes the importance of his work. We have the power to do it and we should do it.

Dr. Sebi is the personification of an idea that needs to be amplified in our community forevermore. We can start by reserving a day out of the year in his (his work’s) honor. Just like how other cultures reserve a day for their greatest heroes, we should also do the same. Maybe we do it on the day he was born (in the flesh), or the day he defeated the medical industry in court. This is important, and we will continue to the fight to achieve this and so should all of you.

This is exclusive to our culture; we do not intend to ask foreigners to accept our heroes. Either we start taking initiatives like these or we continue being reactionary. We can decide to either become the leaders or continue to complain about the leadership in our society. But remember that only those who have the desire to lead will succeed in the end.

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