Dr. Sebi was an answer from our Universe, a respond to our problems. By us allowing his legacy to depreciate sends a message to the Cosmos, telling it that we have no real interest in a solution. For hundreds of years, we have been fighting, claiming to be in search of a solution. But maybe the reason the answers seem so far-fetched is because our idea of what our true problems are is incorrect. We don’t get to choose our enemies based on our opinion, an enemy is any force that stands against our natural well-being. The sickness and disease epidemic that has been destroying us is our enemy and our most fierce adversary yet, in recent history. For that problem, an answer was given, but yet not warmly received or welcomed. Not only was it not celebrated as a victory, but many among us failed to even acknowledge it as a great revelation in our development.

Our problem is not our inability to find the answers we search for. Our problem is our failure to utilize the answers that has already been given to us.

They say the answers lies within our past; so, people dig into history, hoping to find these answers. But what’s the purpose of searching for answers when they are ignoring the ones that have already been found, those that have already been given to them? Maybe they are not really looking for solutions; maybe this intent is only a disguise for prophet and attention. Don’t tell us about how much you care when you won’t even mention the name of the man who has brought our worst enemy to its knees, completely defeated, in favor of our own well-being.

The seeds planted by Dr. Sebi are fully grown, and it is too late to impede, neither can it be undone. His work is manifested in each and every one of us who follows his teachings; in order to stop Dr. Sebi, be prepared to stop thousands and even millions. Dr. Sebi didn’t promise us hope, he delivered it to us; he gave us a solution that will forever produce the same consistent result, health – for you and the ones you love. His work can never be denied, only ignored; which explains why so many refuse to even mention his name. It is their only means of defense against the unadulterated truth he delivered. When they cannot debunk or discredit you, they will ignore you.

We are surely not in agreement with everything that is endorsed by Dr. Sebi (example, smoking of Marijuana). Once we understand that no man is perfect, we should not be afraid to say that we are not in total agreement with everything is done by anyone. It doesn’t undermine him as our divine leader. But regardless of whatever disagreement that may exist; the core guideline from Dr. Sebi is LAW. It is the law that we live by and will forever live by because it has proven to be most beneficial and truthful.

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