Dreams and Foresight

Dreams and Foresight

In the culture of our ancestors, it was common for them to see things before they happened.

Almost nothing was of surprise to them, the warnings always appeared first. Sometimes, the messages were delivered through general intuition, but more frequently and clearly, in the form of dreams.

This ability is not lost in those of us who are still in alignment with Nature. Maybe it is not as strong as our ancestors’, but it is still present.

Ever had instances where a friend or family member may give you a call, unexpectedly, to warn you about a reputed danger that lies in your path? Then right after… the event took place that substantiates their warning? Have you ever had someone warn you about a companion that is unknown to them, yet they were able to see that person in a dream?

These types of stories are far from fiction; they are lived by us every day. It is not personal to any of us; therefore, it isn’t something we can fabricate. You can talk about it, just the same as I can.

Like some of you, I sometimes see things before they happened, mostly things that may be detrimental to my life and people who I am close to.

I will also tell you that such ability is stronger today than it was before, earlier in my life. Like in the times of my, now abandoned past routines, most of you are restricted from this experience due to your westernized lifestyle.

The Pineal enables this reality. The westernized culture destroys the Pineal and its natural functions, which includes foresight.

Briefly, here are some of the common factors that hinder you from this ability; that which used to be extremely common, usual and natural.

Lack of Melanin-based (Natural) food
Lack of Sunlight
Going to bed too late
Too much distraction from TV, cell phones, etc. (not enough time alone with yourself)
Too many manmade electronic devices in your sleeping-room
Random eating habits

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