Eating Electricity – Ensures Health

Eating Electricity

Electricity is the source of life in nature, without electricity all living beings would be unable to move or process information.  The human body uses electricity to function; this is why when the heart fails they can use a defibrillator to jump-start it by giving it a prescribed amount of electrical energy.

Nature is simple an infinite network of electromagnetic frequency that controls everything. The quality of any living being’s life is dependent on how much electromagnetic wave it can perceive. Our Sun is responsible for localizing this electrical energy that sparks and sustains life, Sunlight literally electrifies nature. Our Sun’s ability to deliver electricity is what gave rise to solar based electric technologies. Interestingly, the word “electr” (electricity, electron, etc) is said to have derived from the Greek (students of Kemetic African science) word “elector”, which means, BEAMING SUN.

Electricity is produced by the flow of electrons moving from one atom to the next. In order for living beings or artificial mechanisms to receive an unrestricted surplus of electricity they need to have two primary qualities. They have to be conductors of electricity and also be able to control (stability) the flow of electrons so they do not get knock out of orbit during their constant movement. When electrons get knocked out of orbit, it creates what is known as free radicals. In this event, the body becomes unstable, vulnerable and subjected to a lower frequency.

A conductor of electricity is any material that allows electricity to pass through it, some conductors is better than others. Copper is an example of an excellent conductor of electricity, most electrical wires are actually made from copper. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and that is one of the main reasons it is so important to stay hydrated. The body uses water/liquid to deliver electricity throughout its entire system. An insulators does the opposite of a conductor, it restricts the flow of electricity from passing through it. Examples of insulators are materials such as plastic, rubber and cloth.

Melanin, which also contains copper, is nature’s ideal material for conducting electricity and preventing the formation of free radicals. It is a very stable material that prevents electrons from getting knocked out of orbit. Free radicals cause the body to deteriorate (age) quickly, and this is why, people who are Melanin dominant, and takes care of their Melanin, ages slower.

Melanin is a Sunlight scavenger or an electric scavenger, its primary source of food is natural light (solar electricity). This light can be obtained through direct Sunlight or indirectly by way of the natural diet (fruits, vegetable, seeds, grains, etc.).

Diseases are lower frequency entities that do not have the potential to survive in a body that is highly electrified. The electrical charge of a cell has to be lowered before a disease, like cancer, can begin to colonize it and spread.

Electrons (electricity) are what the body seeks from all the natural supporter of health and life. Sunlight, Air, Water and natural vegetation are all electron donors. This is why the alkaline diet is promoted, alkaline foods is any food that is negatively charged, meaning, they contain more electrons than protons.

This is precisely what Dr. Sebi means when he promotes the “electric food” diet. He is simple saying that, it is electricity (electrons) our body extracts from the food we eat in order to stay healthy. By this understanding, it makes sense for your food to then contain high volumes of electrons, hence, “electric food”.  The problem with unnaturally acidic food is that they are not efficient electron donors.

The protein theory has yet to be made sense of; your primary concerns should be centered on natural light and electricity. Instead of being concerned about how much protein is in the food you are eating, be concerned about how much light/electricity it contains. Light is the primary source of food for Melanin, and therefore, for the human body.

Please note: manmade (artificial) electricity is not compatible with the human body and is harmful and will cause death. This post is not about consuming or engaging with manmade electricity.

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