Electricity and the Quantum Resonance Analyzer

Electricity and the Quantum Resonance Analyzer

Do you know what this device is (in the image above), and how it functions? Maybe you don’t; however, we assure you that it confirms the core principle of everything we have been saying.

This machine is called a Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer (QRMA); it is an at-home version of what doctors use to run diagnostic tests on their patients to determine certain health issues. Do you remember us saying that the natural diet electrifies our body, which therefore allows us to function at a higher state of being? Do you remember Dr. Sebi saying that the way he reverses diseases is by electrifying the body? He always emphasizes that the body is electric, carbon-based; and therefore it requires electricity, by way of our diet, for it to function correctly.

Each cell in the human body, depending on its electric charge, emits a certain amount of electromagnetic frequency. The more electrified the cell is the higher its frequency. Diseases only inhabit areas with low electric charge; it is the ideal condition suitable for them to flourish in.

Diseases are electro-phobic; they genuinely fear electricity, at least high-level electricity. We have to make that distinction because even bacteria carry an electric charge; just that it is extremely low.

The quantum resonance magnetic analyzer works by sending a minor electric wave throughout the body, the frequency that is returned, based on its strength, tells the machine which area of the body is low on charge (deficient or unhealthy) or not. By collection of this data, it can now determine certain health conditions that may be present.

We have been using this machine for quite some time now; it is great, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s perfect. However, it is an excellent point of reference that you can use as a health guide. It is very reasonably accurate. 

Wait, while we do recommend the machine, let’s not lose track of what we were saying. It is not about getting this device; it’s about how it helps to substantiate the principle of the natural electric food diet. Hope this helps you to understand the importance of consuming natural (electric) food and avoiding starchy hybrid foods. Because, remember only a carbon (Melanin) based diet can truly electrify the body.

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