Every Follower is a Leader, Every Leader is a Follower

Every Follower is a Leader, Every Leader is a Follower

People frequently talk about leaders who are considered “sellouts”; those who they profess are guilty of hiding the truth, and instead preach falsehood. Though many leaders are guilty of these accusations, we never consider the fact – followers have the power to also corrupt their leaders.

The path of a leader is controlled by the demands of the people. Most leaders will gravitate towards what is in greater demand; they will cling to whatever content the people are in more support of. This means, the nature of the information we are exposed to is controlled by our own level of support. It is illogical to expect other than what we are investing our interest in. This is quite evident in our community, while we are asking for love and peace; content that entertains conflict generates much more views than the ones that promote peace. Content surrounding conflict, superstition, conspiracy theories and feel good doctrines are in greater demands, and this is why it is so hard for us to rise. We all have a responsibility to be conscious of what we choose to support and make profitable.

It is quite clear that some people are just not interested in truth or anything that will make them accountable and disciplined. Sometimes it is not the leaders who are the main culprits behind the teaching of false ideologies, but their followers who just want to be told that which makes them feel good. For example, if preachers should decide to start preaching consciousness, most of the congregation will walk out on that preacher. This is a very common sickness that exists among us, most people rather hear a lie that is comforting than a reality that comes with responsibilities.

But remember this; all of us are as important as the leaders we follow. The decisions we make today will decide our future tomorrow. Whatever we choose to support will be the element that governs our reality.

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