Evolution Can Only Occur through Disobedience and Chaos

Evolution Can Only Occur through Disobedience and Chaos

When you think of Nature, the first thing that comes to mind is, order. Immediately, you think of obedience, all species acting in accordance with their innate characteristics. For any species to become something other than what they originally are, they will have to defy their innately defined disposition. This would be considered an act of disobedience, according to natural law. Wherever there is disobedience, there is a compromise of order, which leads to chaos. And wherever there is chaos, there is destruction, which is the primary ingredient for extinction.

How a species behaves, is exactly how it was created to behave. If a whale, for example, breathes air, it is not because it used to be a land animal. The whale breathes air because it was designed to do exactly so. If a jaguar can swim and hold its breath for long in water, it is because it was made with that ability.

You will not find animals or any other non-human species attempting to do other than what is in its nature to do. Example, you will never find an orange tree that naturally bears another fruit other than an orange. You will not find a bunch of monkeys diving in water, saying let’s all learn how to swim. If nature decides to create swimming monkeys then such mandate will come from the cosmos, not through any change that occurs within the earthly realm.

Evolution can only occur from the will of a species to abandon what it is to become something else. The only time you see species acting outside of their natural characteristics is through human intervention. Consequently, whenever this happens, they don’t produce long lineages, they eventually die out, in the care of their masters.

The idea of evolution was conceived by someone whose mind works in chaos. From a disobedient mind comes a disobedient concept of Nature. If an evolution theorist sees a bird flies from out the sky and dives into the water, they will make claims that this is an evolutionary feature. This is their evidence of evolution, comparing the present with their assumption (imagination) of the past. Ask them if they can provide any evidence of a time when that species of birds were unlike what they are today? If a bird can fly and swim at the same time, it is because it was created to do exactly that. Different species have different gifts or qualities, and they were simply made that way.

Evolution theorists like to reference life that supposedly happens two million or so years ago as if they have facts to support it. They always seamlessly integrate it into their conversation assertively, which then gives the impression as if they know what they are talking about, that they actually have evidence to support their argument. Truth is, they don’t, none of them knows about life 2 million years ago. They are only extremely good at presenting erroneous concepts as an assumed legitimate argument.

People are free to make up whatever theories they want to, but Nature will always reveal the truth.

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