Evolution Theory and the Accuracy of Scientific Data

Evolution and the Accuracy of Scientific Data

There is absolutely no tangible evidence accessible to us that can authenticate the theory of evolution. Whatever people choose to believe is what was told to them by so-called scientists. And by what was presented, they then made the decision to either believe or disbelieve; but no one who believes can ever produce any evidence of their own. The sophisticated terminologies that many among us like to regurgitate may make this theory sound valid, but inevitably, they are just words, not evidence. They are only applying words and different terminologies to an illusion, something that many western scientists are guilty of doing.

The same bodies of scientists who claim to have uncovered evidence that supports the theory of evolution also claimed to have used the same procedure to identify the phenotype of King Tutankhamun (Tut). After deep analysis and using their sophisticated technologies to uncover the past, their result says that King Tutankhamun would have resembled the below depiction (image 2).

Fake King Tut Image 2: Claimed depiction of King Tut by western scientists.

Now we have to ask… what if there weren’t any obvious depiction of King Tut in Africa (Egypt)? Like those who have put their faith and trust in the technologies and claims of these scientists, we would convincingly believe this extremely inaccurate portrayal of King Tut to be precise. Not only will we be humble believers, we would also use this “scientific validated information” as proven facts in our arguments.

Another question we have to ask ourselves is… if their scientific analysis is proven to be invalid in the instant of analyzing King Tutankhamun, what assures us that they are right about the so-called evidence they claim to have found supporting the theory of evolution?

See the authentic and real depictions of king Tutankhamun below and also members of his family.

Accurate depiction of King Tut Image 3: Real and accurate depictions of King Tut.

King Tut's Grandmother and Father Image 4: King Tut’s Grandmother, Queen Tiye (left) and Father, Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten (right)

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