5 Excellent Kitchenware to Have

Magic Bullet
The magic bullet is my personal favorite kitchenware investment of all time; not the brand exclusively but the design. There are other brands out there with similar design that is probably just as good. Most of my nourishment for the day comes from having seamoss smoothies in the mornings and the magic bullet makes it very easy to maintain that daily routine. If you are someone who likes smoothies, salad dressings, sauces or dips you will definitely like the magic bullet. Unlike the regular blender, the magic bullet doesn’t leave much to clean after you are finish using it. It is very small and doesn’t need to be stored away… you can just leave it out where it is easily accessible.
Pressure Cooker
As a natural dietist, more likely you will be eating a lot of peas and beans. Cooking them in a regular pot will take a very long time, which of course can be very inconvenient, especially in this very busy world we live in today. A pressure cooker will definitely cut down your cooking time significantly.
Pasta Maker
Readymade pastas can be quite expensive, learning to make your own is not only cheaper but also encourages us to be creative and resourceful. With a small pasta maker, you can easily make your own pasta however you like to. Spelt flour is excellent for making pasta, but if you want to harden the texture a little, you should combine it with kamut flour. There are many fun recipes you can make with pasta that you will appreciate. The pasta maker is also good for making flatbreads which can be served with almost every kind of meal.
Natural juices are our body’s best friend because they are very healthy and are most suitable (liquid form) way to ingest food. For this reason, makes the juicer almost a necessary equipment to have in your kitchen.
Toaster Oven
This is my alternative for the microwave. We all love the concept of the microwave, warming up our food very quickly. Except, the microwave is very bad because it not only kills the minerals in our food but the radiation is extremely bad for us. The toaster oven is not as quick as the microwave but much safer. It is very good for warming up our leftovers, and doing minor baking.

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