New “Evidence” Says Ancient Egyptians Were Wrong About Their Identity

New “Evidence” Says Ancient Egyptians Were Wrong About Their Identity New “scientific evidence” says this is an accurate depiction of the African Queen, Nefertiti.

Thank you, I will also add this one to my collection. Whenever I am looking for strong proof that your “science” is illegitimate, I have yet another solid example. Great job!

Oh yes, something was definitely proven, and it is not what your “science” professed. Absolutely not, instead, it is that your “science” is useless. How do you explain the complexion, by what means did you arrive at that color?

It seems like you have made your opinion a certified tool of science.

Maybe people are at a loss for reality and how the validation of legitimacy works. Maybe they need a splash of cold water, a little something to wake them up.

This is not very hard to understand. Listen, if your “science” provides a result of someone’s identity that contradicts their own depiction of themselves, it is not them who are wrong; it is you.

Don’t even think you are in a battle with me, it is not my word against yours, and it is not my proof versus yours. No, no, you are in a battle with the Egyptians, because you are trying to force upon them an identity that opposes what they depicted of themselves.

I am only the spectator, watching you make a complete fool of yourself. I am just watching you quickly chip away at the little bit of credibility that is left of your “science”. Please do continue… you are almost at the finish line of your own defeat.

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