Feeding Through the Eyes

If you should ask the question… what is the purpose of the eyes? Most, if not all would reply, that it is for the purpose of seeing. That answer would be correct but there is also another very important function of the eyes that is often overlooked or just not talked about.
Feeding Through the Eyes
The eyes are a gateway that allows light to enter the body. They are responsive to all forms of light, both good and bad. The bad lights are those created through artificial intelligence such as florescent lights. The predominant natural light that is good for us is Sunlight. Sunlight is the primary entity that maintains the health of all natural beings on the planet.
It is necessary for Sunlight to not be restricted from being absorbed by the human body. There are two primary ways in which direct Sunlight safely enters the human body, through the skin and through eyes. The body uses Sunlight as food, whether through direct exposure or indirectly through the natural diet (food).
It was not until the 1970’s before it was discovered by the modern world that the eyes are not just for seeing but also for feeding from direct Sunlight exposure. This knowledge was however known to ancient indigenous worlds. Depictions of this knowledge is clearly illustrated and well documented in these ancient cultures.
The most effective way for the brain to be fed from direct Sunlight exposure is through the eyes. The light that enters through the eyes is not just allowing you to see things, it is nourishing your brain and every cell in your body. When you restricted this light you are restricting your potentials for higher knowledge and health.
Wearing Shades
Wearing shades has become a common practice in certain cultures. A lot of people have adapted this practice under the guise of fashion. Shades were originally designed to block Sunlight, which is an unhealthy practice. It is not wise to trade health and knowledge for fashion or coolness.
Our ancient ancestors used to do Sun gazing as part of their cultural practices. They do this because they understood how necessary it is for light to enter the body. Unlike the modern world, they understood that the eyes and skin are primarily for the purpose of capturing light. This light then goes deeper into the core of the body to feed ours cells, tissues and organs.
It is important to not mask the eyes from direct Sunlight exposure. Some people have become strangers to direct Sunlight, and it would be harmful for them to suddenly expose their eyes to the full intensity of our Sun. It is necessary for them to gradually work their way back into the healthy practice of Sun gazing and removing the shades from their eyes.
Sometimes shades are needed, especially for people driving during the day. If the Sunlight that is shining through your windshield is interfering with your ability to see clearly then it is necessary to do something about it. Apart from exceptions like these, it is otherwise not recommended to wear shades. It is a very unhealthy practice.

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