Feeding Your Emotion, Not Your Body

Feeding Your Emotion, Not Your Body

Corporations like to exploit people’s desire to be happy; they use it as a catalyst to sell their products by always associating happiness with whatever they are promoting for sale.This strategy is played out in their commercials, where it appears that an individual or family is brought happiness as a result of possessing or interacting with the product that is being advertised. This conveys a direct message to the audience watching these commercials. Subconsciously, they will become convinced that if they should go out and purchase these products they too will be happy like the people in the commercials.

The junk food industry is no exception to this devious strategy. Their commercials are as equally emotional; they do not put any focus on highlighting the potency of their food products in reference to their health benefits. The purpose of food is to nourish the body; therefore, the mineral strength of the food being sold should always be the highlighted primary focus. Obviously, they do not like talking about it because there isn’t really anything good to say about fast food, they are empty and void of adequate nutrients. Consequently, they have to create distractions to divert your attention away from the poor quality of their food in order to get you to have an interest in it. They teach you to pay more attention to the external packaging and appearance of the food rather than its actual quality.

The above video clearly illustrate how devious the junk food industry is, making the act of evil a family oriented concept of happiness.

They do not talk about the mineral potency of the food they are promoting in these commercials because they are not selling you food to feed your body; they are selling you food that feeds your emotion.They are selling you an assumption of happiness and false hope.

Well Decorated Evil

Just look at this poison (except for the two healthy ingredients), look at how well decorated it is. The face of evil appears beautiful and that is why most tend to fall for it.

The association of happiness with junk food is the subliminal catalyst that fuels your desire to want this, pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside, trash. Many people bring their family to these fast food places for a treat under the guise that they are making them happy. And as they sit with their family and smile like the people in the commercials, they fail to see that they are being deceived. The true reality of such action equals sadness, torture, disharmony, pain, suffering and premature death. Surely they will smile, at the given moment of eating the food, but in a few months or years, that smile will disappear. It surely will… after someone among them is diagnosed with cancer or some horrible disease, sorrow then sets in as the reality of eating junk food arrives at the surface.

Every time you see a junk food commercial that is well decorated with smiles, avoid its deception and think about this picture (below). Because it is a more accurate and truthful depiction of the reality of eating junk food, no smiles or happiness present, only sorrow. The smile is a deception, a lie that people should never be played with because it brings great disappear.

Patient in Hospital

This image is only for the purpose of depicting our point. Hopefully, neither this beautiful sister nor anyone else will have to face this reality. Do good and good will follow.

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