Fine Vanity and a Dollar Value Meal

Fine Vanity and a Dollar Value Meal

It is not the price of their vanity they complain about. Absolutely not, instead, it is the price of that which sustains their own wellbeing that bothers them. They spent big on everything else, except their health. They go big on their houses, big on their cars, big on their clothes and jewelry. While at the same time they are doing their grocery at a discount store.

Whenever it’s time for the money to be divided, their body, their health, get the crumbs. As they continue only to invest in that which satisfies their emotion and caters to their insecurities. So there they are again, like always, standing in line at the supermarket in expensive attires, with cheap food in their carts.

This defines the internal battle that is taking place within many of us, created by a mind still shackled and has yet to be set free. How else would you explain the mindset of a person who finds greater comfort in the possession of vanity than in the security of their own health?

They only time they spend big on their food, is when it triggers an emotional response, like eating at an expensive restaurant. Of which is only a statement of status, as opposed to a concern about health.

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