Your First and Last Meal of the Day

The human body operates on 3 major cycles daily that are necessary to maintain homeostasis. Between 4am and 12pm your body goes through its cleansing cycle. At this point is when it tries to get rid of any forms of waste in its system. This is why we all have the urge to defecate in the mornings after waking up. Heavy meals are not recommended during this period because it will disrupt the cleansing process and potentially jeopardize the well-being of the body.

At noon, the body enters its second cycle, which ends at 7pm. Your heaviest meal should be eaten during this time. Keep in mind; it takes about 4 hours for most foods to digest. This means that you should only be eating on an interval of at least 4 hours apart. The earlier you eat within this time frame, the more time the body will have to digest the food properly, especially before bedtime.

In the evening after Sundown, the body enters its 3rd cycle of the day. This is known as the simulation cycle; whereby your body uses the digested nutrients from the foods you ate to mineralize itself.

First and last meal should be between 12pm and 7pm

It is important to allow your body to do the jobs it was designed to do, especially those that are necessary for maintaining optimal health. Eating is not the only important function that we should all obey; we should equally be concerned about the other requirements that come before and after eating. You have to allow the body to flush waste from its system. And you must also allow time for it makes use of the foods you ingest.

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