The Food Industry’s Weapons of Distraction

Distraction is the mother and father of deception.
Food Industry’s Weapons of Distraction
Distraction is a strategy used to divert ones attention from real points of interest to things of less importance. The food industry creates distraction for us every day by inventing terms and labels that are not of great importance to conceal that which are. The distraction being placed at the forefront eventually becomes convincing. It makes you feel as if you are receiving quality upon acquiring products that contains these labels.
The “Organic” labeling of certain foods is an example of this distraction, there isn’t any meaningful definition for “organic”. It is supposed to represent foods that are natural but then within that paradigm you will find “foods” that are hybrids being labeled as organic, for example, white chicken. White chicken is a grafted specie, you will not be able to find it anywhere in the wild (nature).
“Non GMO” is another commercialized term that also lacks integrity. If non Genetically Modified Organism was a qualified label then you wouldn’t be able to find any seedless fruits being labeled as non GMO. Seedless fruits come into existence through the process of genetic modification.
The food industry’s use of distractions is only an attempt to hide their terrorism. Imagine someone trying to qualify a room in a house while the entire foundation of that house is compromised? This is what takes place when someone purchases, for example, a soda or bear. And instead of worrying about the entire bottle of drink being unhealthy they are instead concerned about how many “calories” it contains.
We are not saying that you shouldn’t acknowledge these labels, but rather, you should understand that there is a greater concern outside of them that is necessary for you to pay attention to.

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