Fighting Stress: Foods That Makes You Stress

Fighting Stress: Foods That Makes You Stress

Stress is very damaging to the body; it is a very heavy burden that forces us to find ways to relief ourselves from its pressure. One of the most common ways in which people try to escape stress is by doing things that trigger the release of endorphins – a feel good anti-depressant chemical that is released by the brain (pituitary gland). This is why when people are very depressed they eat a lot because eating causes the body to release endorphins. Sex and laughter likewise do the same. This helps to substantiate the reason why chocolate is such a loved and prevalent food because it triggers the release of particular neurotransmitters that are “mood-lifters”. Chocolate also contains anadamide, which activates the same receptors (not to the same degree) as THC (high/feel good chemical) found in marijuana. Maybe this adds some clarity to why “weed smokers” like their “special brownies” – chocolate mixed with marijuana.

This also lets us know why all of the above stress suppressants are so prevalent in societies that generate a lot of stress. The distant people go in the attempt to escape stress highlights how burdensome it is. But what if the food you are consuming is a major contributor to stress? Everything that the body sees, hears, smells, feels or eats goes through the same chemical process, leading to the same biological reactions. They can either create stress or relief the body of stress. Stress is caused by an unnatural buildup of acidity in the body.

Unnatural levels of acidity are the fundamental cause of all biological dysfunction. This is primarily why calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body because it is the main mineral used to neutralize acidity in the body. All the other minerals do the same but just not to the same magnitude. Understanding that acidity creates stress, let us know that eating acidic food is likewise going to do the same.

Surprisingly, many people are unaware that the food they are eating is a major contributor to the stress they are experiencing. They think it is all from other external factors, but a major part of it comes from the foods they eat. What’s really troubling about this is the fact they will never realize how stressful their food is until they have abandon it and adopt the healthy diet. This is absolutely true; you will literally feel like a burden has been lifted.

Most people who eat to escape stress are not consciously aware of that experience. They are not consciously saying, “I need to go eat to feel better”. They innately feel the urge to eat whenever they are stressed because somehow, deep inside, they don’t feel as bad whenever they are eating. This is the same for people who feed on chocolate anytime they have relationship issues. Chocolate has a neurotransmitter called phenylethylamine (“the love drug”) that creates the same feeling as when someone is in love. Well, the same feeling occurs when you eat healthily; you feel a general sense of peace and tranquility, superior to the sluggish stressful feeling that is created from eating dead flesh, and other acidic foods. The only difference is; eating healthy eradicates the root cause of stress as opposed to just triggering anti-depressant chemicals that are temporary and doesn’t really fix the problem.

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