Getting Rid of Your Stubborn Cough

Getting Rid of Your Stubborn Cough

Within the past few years, people everywhere have been suffering from what is described as a very persistent and aggravating cough. This cough is not only annoying, but it seems almost impossible to get rid of. In many cases, it lingers for months before letting go of its victims.

The cause of this cough can be from many things. It can be from the air you are breathing, allergens in your environment, or even the consumption of bad foods and chemicals. Whatever the cause may be, it is unclear. However, what we do know is, it’s something that infects the respiratory system and that is why it is so persistent and hard to overcome.
Many people may be unaware of this, but from our observation, one of the hidden causes of this epidemic comes from the pesticides that are being used on the foods (vegetable, fruit, etc.) that many people are consuming.

While many of you may be eating lots of greens and fruits to get rid of your cough; you are unaware that these chemicals may be in your food and is making the problem worse, as opposed to fixing it. In fact, the pesticides in the foods seem to be one of the main initial causes.

Remedy Option 1
There are quite a few herbs you can consume that will help to remove this infection from your respiratory system. One of the most common remedies is to combine thyme, rosemary, onions with some honey and drink a tablespoon of it about three times daily. This method is executed by adding about a tablespoon of each herb in a ½ cup of honey. After doing this, cover the container and let it sit for about an hour before consumption.

Remedy Option 2
This next option will give you a quicker result. It is a bit controversial, but it works very well. This option involves the use of apple cider vinegar combined with key limes. You can add about 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar for every 3 lime with about a ¼ cup of alkaline water and drink that in the morning, noon and night before bed.

As we have previously stated, we do not recommend apple cider vinegar for long term usage. Only do this routine for few days, no more than a week. By then, the cough should be gone, if not, we recommend using only natural herbs instead or any other safe options. That is entirely up to your discretion.

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