If You Are Going Eat Meat, Do it “Right”

If You Are Going Eat Meat, Do it Right

Eating white chicken is the equivalent of a vegan eating, for example, seedless fruits. If you are going to eat meat, at least apply some integrity into doing so.

This also applies to any area of life, if you choose a way of life, you should choose from among the best, instead of the worst.  In our world, not all fruits and vegetables are good, we have a standard, and you should too.

In fact, with the exception of maybe a one or two of the common meat kinds, they are all hybrids. This includes the cow and swine. Also, buying the “organic” forms of these meats is not going to make a difference.

Organic white chicken (for example) is an oxymoron; all white chickens are inorganic by default, from birth. White chicken, like a seedless fruit, is a hybrid. They are grafted and unnatural species that were never supposed to be.

Stick to fish, if you are going to eat meat. This doesn’t mean that all fish are good either; salmon is a fairly common and reasonable choice for meat eaters.

Until your food is natural, you should never feel fulfilled or sophisticated because you are spending a lot on your meals. Doing so basically means you are paying a lot of money for decorated filth.

We are not encouraging anyone to eat meat. However, we do recommend that if you are going to do it, eat the animals that are natural.

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