Good Food is like a Lasting Battery

Good Food is like a Lasting Battery

Good food is like good batteries, long-lasting; whereby, you are not required to recharge or refill very often.

One of the most obvious flaws that stand out among meat and starch eaters is that they eat more frequently than others.

They usually have to eat at least 3 times per day to maintain their energy levels. Generally, they have one meal in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening. Let us also not forget about the snacks they have in-between these main courses.

This height of frequency is not necessarily due to the addiction from the starch (sugar). They have to eat frequently because their food is inferior, lacking the necessary quality to provide sufficient energy for their body.

Naturally, hunger is a response to the body’s need to be nourished. Therefore, a body that is not properly nourished will always feel (hunger) the urge to eat. Cooked meat and starch is like a cheap battery, useless and unreliable.

This is why when you eat these types of foods you don’t feel energized. Rather, you feel sluggish and often fatigue.  Opposing to this, when you eat, for example, a bowl of salad, you receive an opposite response.

Over time, a body that is well adjusted to eating healthy remains energized for a much longer time. People who are accustomed to the natural diet, generally eats at most, 2 times per day.

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