Good Water, Filter and the Oxidation Reduction Potential

Good Water, Filter and the Oxidation Reduction Potential

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a method commonly used to assess the quality of water. Oxidation is simply a scientific term for the state of corrosion in the body; it is the biological equivalent of rust. This happens as a result of cells losing their electrical (electrons) charge, and thereby creating a more suitable environment for diseases to manifest. Oxidation happens primarily as a consequence of people consuming foods with very low frequency or electricity. Foods that prevent oxidation from occurring are commonly known as anti-oxidants. These are food that donates electrons to the body, as opposed to robbing it of electrons, which then causes oxidation to occur.

Electricity is the fuel of life. Unlike man-made electricity, which is not compatible with the human body, our source of electricity comes from direct Sunlight, air, water and consuming foods that are natural. Regardless of how vicious diseases are, it still doesn’t change the fact that they are inferior low-frequency entities that can never dominate a fully electrified body.

Unlike a PH tester, an ORP meter directly measures the oxidation levels of your water. Sometimes you cannot depend only on the PH level of your water to determine how good it is. It is also recommended that you test the ORP levels. If your water produces a negative reading (negative number), that is absolutely perfect water. However, since that is far beyond most peoples’ reach, the ideal standard is to have a reading that does not exceed 100 millivolts (mv).

Recommended Water Filter
In addition to this, we are going to add another component to the mix, a water filter that is sold at a reasonable price and produces great results. It is available on Amazon (click here). Price is an object for most of us, this why we are recommending this water filter.

We have tested most of the common types of water people drink daily and they all exceeded 100 mv; including Fiji, Poland Spring, and distilled water. Both Poland Spring and distilled water are among the least expensive, so, you can purchase these waters and then use this water filter to improve their quality. After running them through the filter it reduced the oxidation property by at least half (both under 100 mv) and also increased their PH levels. The distilled water actually went up to 10 on the PH scale and the Poland Spring went up to 9.3.

ORP meters are also sold on Amazon at very reasonable prices.

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