Health Offers More Than Strength

Health Offers More Than Strength
This question was asked… specifically pertaining to our "No booze for the healthy, neither for the strong" post: “My question is how come being healthy seems to be in relation to being sensitive to poison/unhealthy food. Shouldn’t eating properly (vegan, starch free etc) make my body stronger in the sense of weakening the poison in the body instead of reacting so quickly to it.”
Strength is only one of the attributes of eating healthy. Another important attribute that we tend to overlook is wisdom. Not because you may have the strength to weaken something, it doesn’t mean it is the best option to do so. Our body understands this; it understands that sometimes it’s better to immediately expel certain toxins from its system rather than trying to weaken it.
A healthy body displays its strength everyday by defeating bacteria, antigens, fungus, etc. which keeps the body looking refreshed, younger and not getting sick as often as you used to before changing your diet.
Being sensitive only means having a quick reaction (awareness) to things that are potentially dangerous. Having this advantage puts us in the position to act sooner, which is more effective than acting later, eliminating the chances of greater problems. The body reacting quickly to the poison is a sign of strength not defeat or weakness. It may seem like a defeat but that is due to our skewed perception of sickness. Our next post (The Good Fever) will be addressing some of these misconceptions.

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