Herbs for Boosting Memory

Herbs for Boosting Memory

It is important to know that some herbs targets specific regions of the body. Even though we may be eating healthy, if we do not consume foods that target the brain, it is possible that we may not receive the full advantages of its potentials. The herbs that I am about to mention does exactly that; they target, strengthens and also purifies the brain.

There are many reasons for memory loss. Some of the more common reasons include sleep deprivation, Alzheimer’s disease, mineral deficiency and alcohol.

Sleep Deprivation Without proper sleep our brain does not get to consolidate and organize information, which in turn confuses our ability to think straight and have clear memory. It also interferes with our ability to solve problems and making accurate decisions.

Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s is a very common disease, not necessarily at a severe level but to some degree, there are many that are affected by it. Experts believe that this may be a result of the usage of aluminum cookware and utensils. In the sites of the brain of people with Alzheimer’s, aluminum deposits are commonly found. 

Mineral Deficiency Mineral deficiency affects everything and memory loss is not an exception. The lacking of vitamin B1 and B12 specifically has proven to be a major culprit of memory loss.

Alcohol Immediately after consuming alcohol it enters directly into the bloodstream. It begins to circulate throughout the entire body including the brain, where it primarily affects our speech, memory, reaction time, judgment and vision.

Below is the list of herbs for the brain (memory):

Gingko Biloba – Significantly improves blood circulation in the brain.

Gotu Kola – Improves blood circulation in the brain

Hawthorn – Cleans and strengthens blood vessels; also removes toxin from the brain and assist in nutrient transport in the brain.

Rosemary – Studies shows that sniffing rosemary can enhance memory by up to 75%. Rosemary works by preventing the depletion of acetylcholine; these are chemicals that play a significant role in use of memory, attention and communication.

Sage – Increases the production of chemicals in the brain that are known to be worn-out by Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown on multiple accounts that sage quickens nerve response and memory.

Seamoss – Insulin resistance in the body is linked to Alzheimer’s, which causes memory loss. Chromium, which is high in seamoss defuses this resistance and enhances performance of insulin. Chromium is also very powerful in removing corrosion, crystallization and toxins from the brain.

Turmeric – This is very effective in breaking up beta-amyloid plaques that are found at the sites of Alzheimer’s in the brain.

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