Herbs for Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding (Spotting)

Herbs for Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding (Spotting)

Spotting or abnormal vaginal bleeding can be caused by many things. Normally this occurs as a result of a disruption in the ovulation cycle. Birth control pills are proven to be one of the main culprits that not only creates this abnormality but also damages the womb. These pills damage the overall hormonal balance of the divine feminine (woman).

Infection within the reproductive system is another major factor and certain pharmaceutical medicines. Chemical imbalances caused by stress can also contribute to this irregular bleeding.

Another factor, which is often overlooked, is the usage of herbs such as motherwort and marigold. A lot of women are using these herbs to detox their womb, and they are good, but you have to know exactly in which way they are beneficial. They are primarily for women who are experiencing a halt in their monthly cycle (period).

Women, if your cycle is normal, do not use these herbs. Use the following instead; which will not only normalize your cycle, prevent spotting, but they will also detox the womb. These herbs will also help to put your body back in proper balance, as a female – spiritually, mentally and physically.

Shepherd’s Purse
If you have taken motherwort, marigold or generally experiencing heavy bleeding, this herb will stop it. It is also good for any form of internal and external bleeding, menstrual cramps, tumors, urinary tract infection, hemorrhoids and bladder infection.

Alum Root
Like shepherd’s purse, alum root is excellent for excessive menstruation and hemorrhaging. It is also good for healing the intestinal tract, ulcer, and nosebleeds. Alum root is good for stopping bleeding in general, whether internally or externally.

Witch Hazel (Plant)
Witch hazel is good for the circulatory system and bringing oxygen to the ovaries. It is also good for stopping bleeding and removing mucus and obstruction in the ovaries that may prevent it from functioning at optimal level.

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