High Science and Low Morals

High Science and Low Morals

Many of you are being misled into believing that most of the great knowledge that is being dispersed today is actually new or that it is only shared by a selective few. With this in mind, many of us invite the quest to universally spread what we perceive as new knowledge and greater understanding as an effort to save fallen humanity. We ignorantly believe that only if we could get this knowledge across the globe, everyone will become awakened and our redemption will eventually be secured. But there is a surprise in all of this. The knowledge that most of us believe is unknown to many really isn’t. Some people who we think are ignorant of this higher understanding actually know as much as we do and possibly even more.

Having knowledge is necessary, it is our ultimate guide, yet it is only accountable for a fraction of what is necessary to complete us. There is something else that is of equal value, which is necessary to fulfill our knowledge and understanding.
See… most people that do things that are wrong are actually fully aware (knowledgeable) of the fact that they are committing evil. And they are also aware of the potential consequences that may occur as a result. However, having this knowledge does not always prevent them from committing the offense.

The reason being… is because having knowledge isn’t enough. Having a lack of knowledge is an enemy but it isn’t our greatest. The lack of discipline, pride, integrity, loyalty, respect and honor, and also having blind trust has always been our greatest enemies. This is what’s missing from the curriculum in the lessons of many teachers. Today, in the age of awareness, we are seeing a revelation of this hidden demon that most will never address because they are guilty of it. They are everywhere, people with high science and low morals. Very intelligent, but are without integrity – people with poor values.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that things are going to change as a result of the masses obtaining high science. The change will come when discipline and integrity are taught at the same level as everything else. Knowledge only brings awareness, and awareness means nothing without discipline and integrity. For example: Do you think that it is the lack of knowledge about the dangers of cigarettes that prevents the average smoker from smoking or a drug addict from abusing their body? These people are not in ignorance of their actions, they are fully aware; it is the lack of discipline that defeats them.

This is to let you know that a leader who doesn’t show and promotes these examples of morality is very dangerous to the community in which he or she has an influence. This describes, about 95% of the leaders we have, and that is why our condition has not changed. And until this dynamic change, we will never see change.

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