HOTEPS: Using the Purest of Self to Describe the Worst…

HOTEPS: Using the Purest of Self to Describe the Worst…

Isn’t that what you are doing when you conform to the trend of calling people Hoteps, in an effort to demean them? Hotep is an African word for “peace”, or “to be at peace.” How beautiful and sacred is that? There are thousands of words in the dictionary to choose from, yet you rather take something sacred from your ancestor to describe an undesirable characteristic.

Anyone that knows our work, knows that we condemn these “high science, low morals” individuals posing among us as conscious people. Nonetheless, never in a million years, would we ever consider using any honorable attribute of our ancestors to characterize them. Choose another word, we must destroy this trend. We must always honor the civilized legacies of our ancestors.

Not only is it disrespectful to your heritage, but it also discredits the culture, which ultimately hinders the interest of future generations. You are so busy releasing your onslaught on others; it blinds you from seeing the consequences of your actions.

There is a significant reason why different groups or people like to associate themselves with words that are profound and beautiful. They understand the power of words. Doing this allows them to align themselves as one with the meaning of whatever word they are using to identify themselves. You are doing the opposite; you are taking a beautiful word that is associated with your legacy and corrupting it.

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