How Eating Meat Affects Women’s Femininity

How Eating Meat Affects Women’s Femininity

It is not natural for a woman to be confrontational; she is a nurturer by nature and aggression is not a dominant feature of a nurturer. Aggression (vigorous) is a quality of the protector, one who ensures the safety of the family, which is the job of the man. It explains why men are proportionately stronger than women and possess greater muscle mass.

The hormone that gives men their masculine attributes is called testosterone and for women estrogen is primary inducer of the feminine principles. Testosterone and estrogen are present in both men and women, but the ratio in which they exist are tremendous; men have significantly more testosterone while women produce more estrogen.

This balance can be disrupted through the consumption of certain foods and even doing certain physical activities. The effect of these influences can cause a man to produce more estrogen and for a woman to produce more testosterone.

The promoters of flesh (meat) eating speaks convincingly about how it is a major source for protein, but too often they have failed to mention that it is also a major testosterone booster. An excessive amount of testosterone will affect the equilibrium of a woman’s biology. The greater the influence of this masculine hormone the more it will be reflected on her health and characteristics. Whether it may be in her attitude, physique, emotion or mentality; the effect will be quite evident.

The distinction between a man and a woman is less obvious today than in previous times. The excessive amount of testosterone in women is definitely one of the primary reasons why they are developing straighter figures (less curves), growing facial hair, experiencing more painful labor and even facing great challenges in becoming fertile. Once testosterone becomes abundant in a woman her body can no longer accommodate the demands of being a woman. At this stage, many things that a woman would have been able to intuitively and normally do at ease now becomes of great challenge.

Meat is not suitable for any human being and especially not for women who wants to retain their graceful feminine nature. And it doesn’t matter how long, historically, women have been eating meat, it doesn’t make it natural. Neither does it change the fact that it causes their body to produce an unnatural amount of testosterone. It also doesn’t change the fact that an excessive amount of testosterone is unhealthy for women.

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