How to Condition the Mind for Success and Confidence

How to Condition the mind for success and confidence

Practice is the application we use to PROGRAM our body to prepare us mentally and physically for a given task. This programming or practice is executed through the process of REPETITION. The more we repeat anything, the better we will become at it, the more it becomes an intuitive part of us.

Programming targets the subconscious mind, which is the gateway to higher potentials and consciousness. The subconscious mind is also known as the involuntary mind, it doesn’t consciously decide when, where or what to learn. It learns without our approval, it learns whatever it is exposed to. It then controls us in accordance to what we have learned based upon what we were exposed to the most. This is how someone can learn the words to a song without consciously reciting them.

The conscious mind uses logics to make decisions and solve problems. But the subconscious mind uses desires that are authored by its dominant cultural influence (program) that it is subjected to. For example, just look at all the people who are doing wrong and know (logically), what they are doing is wrong but does it anyway because the reward satisfies their desire. People hardly make decisions based on what’s logically right or wrong, but rather, what “feels” right (desire, self interest) in accordance to what they are used to based on the culture (programming) they have been exposed (programming) to.

Programming determines our thought process. When parents expose their children or themselves to programs (television, school, religion, etc) that do not display greatness in a reflection of themselves or children, understand that self confidence will be deeply affected.

Knowing is not as powerful as programming. And this explains why some people who knows about their great history, still lacks confidence, admiration and love for themselves. Simply because most of their time is still spent being exposed to other cultural influences that are overwriting everything that they know that is good about themselves.

At the end of every day or week, it is important to measure your weight of exposure. Make sure that the hours of exposing your mind to good and higher self-reflecting consciousness, by far outweigh that of any low frequency programming. The only way to undo one programming is through the installation of another program. If the conscious mind (alone) had the power to undo a program or build confidence then the westernized brainwash and defeat of the Indigenous people would have been easily undone.

Confidence builds greatness, and confidence is built from deep within or within the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is built on the foundations of repetition or programming.

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