How to Truly Celebrate a Birthday

How to Truly Celebrate a Birthday

A birthday is the time of year that almost everyone looks forward to, to celebrate the anniversary of the day in which they were born. Today, how birthday is celebrated does not offer much justice to its spiritual values.

In the event of celebrating our birthday, it is important to remember that we are celebrating life, and life is a gift. Once we truly understand this principle, then we will also understand that it is really a time for us to honor those who have given us this gift, the greatest gift of all, life.

It is not a time for us to use selfishly, to acquire more gifts for ourselves but to instead give the gifts to those who have given us the gift of life. Our birthday is a time for us to say thank you to our Creator, our parents and all who have played vital roles in nurturing our life.

Life is highly spiritual and this needs to be acknowledged especially on our birthday, it should neither be desecrated nor commercialized by the offering of vanity as gifts on this day. Vanity is only a distraction to the holiness that this day represents. No one should ever feel disappointed for not receiving vanity on this sacred day. Our birthday is a time for us to analyze our journey and position in life and make appropriate resolutions for our future. 

A child is also a gift to its parents and we should not forget this. The intent here is to not eliminate the idea of someone celebrating their own birthday but to instead remind ourselves to include those who have given us the gift of life and honor them on this day.

Birthday is a day of appreciation and the offering of blessings to our love ones. Without getting into too many details I will give you an idea of what I mean.

Let say, for example, you are a man who loves the woman you share your life with… because she is wonderful. If you appreciate her, then she is obviously a precious gift to you. That being the case, it is only right to not only express appreciation to her but also those who have brought her into existence.

On her birthday it then becomes necessary to honor it by expressing your appreciation and gratitude to her and equally to her macrocosmic creator (God) and her microcosmic creator (parents). Tell her parents how much you appreciate them for giving birth to her and nurturing her into a model person… that she may now be a beautiful gift for you. Offer your blessings to her and to all who played vital rules in her upbringing. Have a prayer/meditation session together as a family, even for one minute, it makes a difference. These effortless gestures are important and we should practice doing them and refrain from the vanity culture (commercialization of holy days).

Understanding this concept will give you an idea of the duties for the rest of the family members. If you are unclear of the specific duties please let us know so we can advise further. It is very necessary for us to return to our natural spiritual ways and get away from the materialistic ways that we have adapted; it is for our own good.

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