Human-Pig Hybrid

Human-Pig Hybrid

Scientists claimed that they have created the first successful human-animal hybrids. According to what was reported today, their experiment proved that human cells can survive and grow in non-human hosts. This research was said to be carried out by injecting human cells into the embryo of a pig. Nothing about this is surprising, neither the science nor the evil nature that is within these scientists who are deeply committed to playing God.

Some may debate that the scientists’ intent is to save lives, by being able to grow organs in animals for people who are in need of organ transplants. Maybe the intent is not evil but the means of executing it surely is. There are a lot of people who are blind to these possibilities that have been talked about by some of our great ancestors. Many pushed these teachings aside as myth and pseudo-science, but now it is unfolding right before their eyes. Though it marks a very rebellious time in human history, it still remains a key piece of a puzzle that had to be revealed. Some people believe that only God can do these things and it is important for them to see otherwise.

Knowledge is key, it is the only thing that can and will open our eyes to the truth that will eventually save us.

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