Important Facts About Chewing, Chewing Gums

Chewing Gum
Most people chew gums for the purpose of keeping their breath fresh. While some do it for the sake of habit and may even feel out of place if they are not consistently chewing. The excessive amount of sugar that is contained in the gum may also make it very addictive, which makes the habit even more encouraging.
Gums contain many harmful cancer causing ingredients that are not commonly highlighted to the public. Some of these poisonous ingredients include aspartame, titanium dioxide, mercury, calcium casein peptone and gum base.
The chewing of gum is very unhealthy for the digestive system. By chewing, you automatically activate the digestion process. At this point, the mouth begins to secrete saliva. While the stomach makes gastric acid to dissolve the food that is about to come down through the esophagus. The problem here is… there is absolutely no food coming down. The gum that you are chewing won’t even get pass your throat. Here, the body is being tricked into thinking that it was about to enter into a complete process of digestion.
The gastric acid that is produced by the stomach for the purpose of liquefying the food just doesn’t disappear after not having any food to digest. When you are consistently chewing gastric acid is concurrently being produced in the stomach. However, being in excess and not having any food to digest, it will begin to adversely affect the stomach, intestine and esophagus. This can lead to disease states such as ulcer and acid reflux. Exhausting the stomach potential to produce gastric acid will eventually impair this function and may compromise your digestive system.

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