Simple Ways to Increase Brain Power

Simple Ways to Increase Brain Power

Doing the same thing every day and exposing the brain to the same information locks it into a linear limitation that prevents potential dynamic growth. Diversifying our activities and information will make our brain more flexible and therefore more powerful. The brain has multiple channels that are dormant but can easily be made active.

Anything that our brain is not used to will become a challenge to execute, restricting us from being proficient at it. But through practice we can and will become better, and as we improve so does the dynamic growth of the brain. Each new task we adapt is an exercise for the brain that stimulates (unlock) dormant parts of it. The more channels of the brain we unlock is the more universal our thought patterns will become.

Let’s use the left and right hand to help add some clarity here. If you are a “right handed” person… doing things with the right hand will not be much of a challenge for you. This is only due to the fact that you are used to doing most things with this hand and have perfected the brain’s control over it. But because you might not have done the same with the left hand you will not have the same control as you do with the right hand. However, if you start practicing to use your left hand you will begin to see an improvement. And this is due to the brain developing the areas within it that controls that hand, areas that were previously dormant.

Similar to how different colors, scenery, shapes, flavors, sound, etc. stimulates different parts of the body (including the brain); the same reaction takes place when we expose the brain to different activities and content.

There are very simple things we can do in our daily lives that will open up different channels in our brain and improve its power. The mission is simple, whatever you are used to doing a specific way, trying doing it another way. Whatever activities you are used to doing with the right side of your body, trying doing it with the left and vice versa.

Here is a list of ideas… you can practice doing them at any given time:

  • Generally doing feasible task with the opposite hand (for example: eating, texting or carrying your bag with the opposite hand or shoulder)
  • Reading diverse content, not just the same topic every time
  • Sleeping on the opposite side you are used to
  • Touching, giving and receiving things with the opposite hand
  • Doing things in the opposite order
  • Rearranging your comfort space

These ideas may seem very basic but they are really not, they will have significant impact on your brain.

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